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  Outdoor Movie rentals from as low as $395
Audience sizes from 1 to 500 people*.

Play Big Outdoor Movie events Includes complete outdoor movie theater equipment rental, delivery, set-up, removal and a Play Big event technician. It's the perfect idea for corporate events, PTA’s, schools, pools, apartment complex, neighborhoods, park & recreation departments, graduation party, backyard movie night, birthday parties, drive-in and more. Everyone will be amazed! You simply provide the movie or media, electricity & audience and WE WILL PLAY IT BIG!

• Premium Sound System:

Your outdoor movie event will be intense & exciting. The entire audience will enjoy it from the front to the back!

• Professional Event Technician(s):

Event Crew will stay to oversee your event rental. We are always friendly, professional, clean-cut, honest & dependable. We will take care of all technical components during your big event.

• High Quality Digital HD Projector:

Incredible HD Projection Quality along with the best sound equipment that will satisfy every moviegoer and critic!

 • Complete Delivery & Set-UpEvent Crew will transport, set-up & remove all event rental equipment. We handle all technical elements, so you can enjoy the entertainment.

 Always prompt for your event - the movie will start as scheduled.

Complete screen and sound package(s):


Small 123in. Diagonal Screen Surface (9ft. x 5ft.)......$395.00
approx audience size | 50-75 people*
Actual screen size = 10.5ft. W x 8.3ft. H

Medium • 166in. Diagonal Screen Surface (12ft. x 7ft.)......$495.00
approx audience size | 75-150 people*
Actual screen size = 13.5ft. W x 11ft. H

Large • 220in. Diagonal Screen Surface (16ft. x 9ft)......$650.00
approx audience size | 150-350 people*
Actual screen size = 17.5ft. W x 13ft. H

XL • 274-inch diagonal Screen Surface (20ft. X11ft.)......$975.00
approx audience size | 350-500+ people*
Actual screen size = 24ft. W x 18ft. H

* Audience size can vary depending on seating accommodations and venue.


Upgrade your Outdoor Movie


Add Popcorn to your movie:
  • Up to 25 - $50
  • Up to 50 - $70
  • Up to 75 - $90
  • Up to 100- $100
  • $1 per person for 100+ guests

What about adding a gaming system?
Need Bigger Sound? Need More Time?
Call or e-mail for details and pricing.

Weather Guarantee - Additional $60

We can't guarantee the weather, but we can reschedule event with our weather guarantee.

Call your local Play Big Representative for specific weather protection policies. We gotchacovered!